Friday, December 20, 2013

the packers have the oldest stadium ever.

the packers stadium too old,thoght they are the curse ones that will suck. pittsburg steelers has 12 year old stadium,the packers have a 53 year old stadium,hope the packers fall apart again. steelers rule.the packers will suck again.they are still the worst team in the nfl.pittsburg steelers ranked higher then packers.the stupid cheese mounths curse affect.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

when will Nintendo make a Nintendo 64 Two

 i`m hope something cool happens in the future,long time since 64 days and Dream Cast days,my favor ate was GameCube back then,i wish they could make a Nintendo 64 two or GameCube 2 or Game Box,or something different,the funny they could called the next system they might called the next game console Play Box if the combine PlayStation and Xbox and Wii u and GameCube and Dream Cast together to form a bigger console and more better would be aw-some. what could happen,it would be cool.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

michael23: Spider-man 3 better then remakes.

michael23: Spider-man 3 better then remakes.: Spider-man 3 better then remakes and here`s the ratings will stack up. Spider-man 1 5/10 okay score Spider-man 2 good 7/10 score Spider-man ...

Spider-man 3 better then remakes.

Spider-man 3 better then remakes and here`s the ratings will stack up. Spider-man 1 5/10 okay score Spider-man 2 good 7/10 score Spider-man 3 10/10 best high score the Amazing Spider-man 3/10 disappointing score. the amazing Spider-man 2 gets 1/10 worst score, i just don`t think the Amazing Spider-man won`t be good thought kind of ruins the series of the franchise,really watch number #3 its better,don`t watch The Amazing Spider-man 2 because its going to suck,i mean really.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

don'T buy Madden NFL 25 becuase its sucks like 13

Madden 25 Is retarded and stupid game,there's better games then sports game,Madden 25 don't buy worst game ever made ruins the cover and a copy off of madden 13,so stick with Battlefeild 4, a creed IV,call of duty ghosts, NBA 2K 14 and Need for speed Rivals

Monday, December 9, 2013

Pitttsburg Steelers season ruined,

The Pittsburg Steelers wasn't supposed to loose all 8 games that's uncalled for.the Baltimore Ravens cheated and almost killed a person by knocking their helmet off really,it should been the Baltmore Ravens disqualified from the playoffs,really  

madden 25 is the worst video game ever play on ps 4

Madden NFL 25 sucks  and ruins the NFL covers and destroys the stupid season,correct they don't want the Pittsburg Steelers to win at all,really NFL rigged should go back on fucking strike for a while,EASports sucks at making video games,the Steelers shouldn't have lost those games because its all of a set up by Roger Goodell ruining the NFL Phill Sims& Jim Nantz should get fired& Roger Goodell,too.