Saturday, December 14, 2013

Spider-man 3 better then remakes.

Spider-man 3 better then remakes and here`s the ratings will stack up. Spider-man 1 5/10 okay score Spider-man 2 good 7/10 score Spider-man 3 10/10 best high score the Amazing Spider-man 3/10 disappointing score. the amazing Spider-man 2 gets 1/10 worst score, i just don`t think the Amazing Spider-man won`t be good thought kind of ruins the series of the franchise,really watch number #3 its better,don`t watch The Amazing Spider-man 2 because its going to suck,i mean really.

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  1. ya,i always right,that`s right what it is okay,wow i agreed too that,wow,my pattern cool