Monday, December 9, 2013

madden 25 is the worst video game ever play on ps 4

Madden NFL 25 sucks  and ruins the NFL covers and destroys the stupid season,correct they don't want the Pittsburg Steelers to win at all,really NFL rigged should go back on fucking strike for a while,EASports sucks at making video games,the Steelers shouldn't have lost those games because its all of a set up by Roger Goodell ruining the NFL Phill Sims& Jim Nantz should get fired& Roger Goodell,too.

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  1. still is the worst game, Ea Sports suck. 2K Sports better and worst madden NFL EVER MADE drained the point of the best from the worst,okay starting from top to bottom. 1.Madden 10 100% 2, Madden 11 50% 3.Madden 12 40% 4.Madden 13 10% Madden 25 -50%