Tuesday, February 4, 2014

stolen ps3 games and jacobs white t-shirts

my cousin chris and sean stolen from me and jacob,they robbed my video games fucking no good theif,but they don`t i fucking cuaght them red handed durning chris week and they robb jacobs christmas money,really they should be on the wanted list they wiped me and jacob out and they also did steal a xbox 360,so they robbed a ps 3,also i hope they fucking get 30 years in prison for stealing my 3ds and dsi and psp or i won`t talk to them the rest of my life the stolen games when i bought games they robbed every video game i bought fucking no good cousins of mine,the lies they make reveals more then $300:00  from stolen games or maybe more then that,my cousin`s is jealous of me michael and jacob gabriel,i will always cuaght them red handed and they stolen games from under my nose and lied they`re ain`t friends,they`re users,now they are enemies from robbery stolen games and more then that and bad driving,they almost kill my little brother jacob daniel gabriel,really does anyone thinks thats funny no its not,my cousin should be ashamed of theirself,its wrong to rob stuff from us,shouldn`t people realize that.robbers are always bad and the cops always get the robbers some point it doesn`t haven`t always sometime the robbers get away with it.i know that munch about cops and robbers learned from right v.s wrong,my cousins wasn`t teach smart then i was smarter then them,i can`t believe they tried to run my little brother off road,yep jacob daniel gabriel they tryed to murder him,really bad stuff,

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